Jae Manning Farewell – Photos & Videos

To Linda, Darren and to all extended family of Jae…

Please accept my sincere love for allowing me to assist you in your fabulous send off for Jae.  I cannot fathom how things have been for you, as it has been exactly half my lifetime since we said farewell to the beautiful Tina.  My heart breaks for you all, however if there is a ray of sunshine it is that this far on from Tina’s passing she stays with myself and her friends and she influences all of us.  My hope is that the ray of light that is Jae lives on with all his close friends and that as family you can find peace and love with this.  The most important things in life are legacy and love; his legacy lives on strongly as demonstrated by all at the farewell service.


To Jae’s friends…

It’s a shame that I briefly get to meet you under these circumstances.  I hope you can find peace and resolution, as it was clear from the hundreds of photos and videos that I received that Jae loves you all very much.  My hope is that sometime in the future all the friends of Tina and Jae can get together with Linda, Darren and extended family to reminisce and share their legacy.


As mentioned in the service, I received countless photos and videos.  Thank you for all assisting with this.  Below are a number of links for the full list of photos, video content played during the service, in addition to his performance video provided by Darren:


Full Archive of Photos Received: www.markcooper.net.au/Jae_Photos.zip

Intro Video (New York, New York): www.markcooper.net.au/Jae_Intro-New_York_New_York_(Complete).mp4

Photo Slideshow: www.markcooper.net.au/Jae_Slideshow_(Complete).mp4

Outro Video (Jae’s live performance): www.markcooper.net.au/Jae-Final_Song.mp4

Singing with the Stars Full Video: www.markcooper.net.au/Jae-Singing_with_the_Stars_DVD.mp4

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3 thoughts on “Jae Manning Farewell – Photos & Videos

  1. Beautiful! I can’t find the right words to convey the tragic loss Linda has suffered. But she has family and friends who will be with her every step of the way.
    As Rogers and Hammerstein once wrote ‘You’ll never walk alone!’
    Love you Cousin Linda xxx

  2. Woooooooow.
    Tooooooo much for me right now.
    I started playing the clips & they bought me to my knees…..I have, however downloaded them for a time when I feel stronger.
    Thank you for the wonderful audio visual displays that bought both tears and laughter at Jaes ceremony.
    The greatest gift for Linda & Darren, friends & family.
    Rest in Paradise sweet Jae….
    Katrina Wells

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